Chiloquin’s skies were full of toxic crap following news that thousands had been hospitalized worldwide with “Thunderstorm asthma.”

On November 21, 2016, 8,500 were hospitalized and eight died in Australia and on December 3, 2016 another 844 were hospitalized and five died in Kuwait. Both incidents were blamed on “Thunderstorm asthma.”

Meanwhile France reported it’s worst air quality in a decade and the UK was warned of a “Killer toxic fog” as satellite images showed both countries blanketed in so-called “persistent contrails.”

The spraying is clearly not being done for it’s stated goal, solar radiation management – reflecting sunlight back into space to reduce global warming. If it was, they’d find the most reflecting particle and only spray that. Instead we find our skies filled with a noxious brew of all kinds of toxins, evidenced by the barium-laden #incrediblyraresundog we see on a daily basis.






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