Unedited footage of closeups on sprayers over Chiloquin, OR, 11-4-16. I think it’s worth recording just how many planes are spraying, even if I often struggle to hold focus on them.

By the way, the relative humidity at 33,000ft in Medford (40 miles west) was just 40% half an hour before this was filmed. Therefore, according to disinfo agent/traitor to humanity Mick West, it was *impossible* for contrails to form, let alone expand and fill the sky with crap.

Medford Wyoming Soundings for 5pm PST 11-4-16.


  • as much as I think that chemtrails are real, yesterday over No. Kalifornia, the conditions were right for persistent trails all day and though many were real long (and I previously would have said they were chemtrails), I think they were just “cloud enhanced”. All trails last longer when through clouds or more humid parts of the sky. I don’t think you can truly say it is a chemtrail unless you get a real closeup shot (as with that YouTube video where a jet was tailing a chemtrail spraying plane).

      • the whole area had 29% humidity?
        In most contrails, there are gaps. What was the humidity in the gaps and in the trails according to your figuring?

        This morning there were lots of short contrails where I was. This afternoon the clouds moved in and the trails got real long. What would the humidity have been both morning with short trails and later with long trails?

      • Patrick, what are your thoughts on the idea that modern day jet engines cannot actually produce contrails due to their high bypass turbofan engines?? If this is really true, then none of the trails we see can be contrails. I personally don’t believe that I ever see a real contrail ‘IF’ they do actually exist at all. Most of the planes I see are way too low to be producing ice crystals!

  • so glad to see folks in OR actually pay attention to them…i was bullied for years when i was down in CA taking photos..if i ever mentioned them..i was “crazy”…

    if i had a free hand, i’d try to ask siri what planes were overhead..and she would list the carriers, altitudes, directions…and most of the ones over my head down in palo alto when i was on horseback on the top of hills watching them were from Korean Air and some China airlines…have you tried that? do you know which carriers they are? can we go meet the pilots as they land? i had to ask her to ask wolfram-alpha what flights were over head..and she should give you a table with all that info..but i dont’ have siri on my phone now

    • sometimes when I’m in Tahoe, I sit on the porch and look at flightradar24.com to see what’s flying overhead. Then when I see the actual plane, I can know what plane it is.
      Many times I’ve seen contrails overhead and ID’d them. They are usually 26,000 feet or higher, where the air temperature is something like -30 degrees or colder, so ALL moisture freezes.
      They’re commercial flights and now and then even a Cessna-type flight.
      When there’s cirrus clouds, the trails last real long and can cross the whole sky but usually they’re short.
      PS I have thousands of pictures of contrails and I’ve ID’d many of them with flightradar24.com but planefinder.net is also another good source

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