Proof spraying ramped up in the 1990s

I wanted to know when people first noticed the spraying of our skies, so on March 29, 2018, I asked my 5,000 Facebook friends, “When and where did you first notice the spraying?

Within two days, I had 331 data points showing a five-fold increase from the 1980s to 1990s – confirming anecdotal evidence that the covert program was massively expanded in the 1990s. Needless to say, it increased since then.

I made a graph of when people first noticed the spraying by year, and where people did not give the exact year, I assigned a year in the date range. Therefore, when someone reported “mid-90s” I assigned 1995. “Late 90s” became 1999, “early 2000s” became 2002 and so on. But that produced spikes in the graph, so to make a more accurate graph, I made another showing first reports by decade.

I took the precaution of saving a pdf of my primary data – the Facebook post and its comments – which you can download here.

Source material:

Please feel free to download any of my data and do your own analysis on it.

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  1. I think we should create organization to stop appalls me by the number of people who ignore this issue.we need to communicate online about this while we still can and get groups together in all major cities in opposition to this. Raising public awareness and paralleling it to Nazi Germany is the key in my opinion. We are being at tracked.

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