Chiloquin suffered an all-day chemical assault October 20th.

By sunrise, the skies were already filled with fast expanding trails.

I also caught a sprayer changing course and turning off his sprayer:

By sunset, the skies were utterly trashed by countless sprayers:


  • There were a lot of trails in No. Kalifornia today. I didn’t see any real suspect chemtrails, though. The long trails were ones that were long due to being through or near cirrus clouds (which have enough moisture so the trails don’t dissipate).
    Yesterday here, it looked more like what you saw today. Since there were so many cirrus clouds, it can’t be known if the trails are long due to the clouds or if people are taking advantage of that to hide chemtrails with the “persistent contrails”.
    The day before yesterday was a wonderful blue-sky day only with contrails.

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