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I’m doing an epidemiological study to find out if more people get sick and die on heavy spray days.

But San Francisco’s Department of Public Health has doggedly refused to release any mortality data, as they are mandated to do under the city’s Sunshine Ordinance, claiming the data is stored on a California State database outside the jurisdiction of the city. They won’t even tell me *if* anyone died.

So I decided to take a different approach – by requesting records created between city departments.

So on February 26, 2018, I filed information requests by USPS Certified Mail for mortality data from the Department of Public Health, Department of Emergency Management (they run the 911 system), the police and fire departments and the Medical Examiner.

My next hearing will be at San Francsico City Hall at 4pm, Wednesday March 7th at 4pm.

It should be interesting.

Here are the supporting documents:

And here’s the video of my most recent Sunshine Ordinance Task Force hearing:-

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  1. You are awesome, thank you so much for the important work you are doing! Not many people have this kind of concern, determination or ethics anymore and it is very refreshing to see.

  2. My gf’s father died from the flu bioweapon, which I believe they deliberately unleashed upon the public this year through the flu vaccine and possibly from the aerosol spraying. When we were at the funeral home in Southern California in January, the people working there did mention that they had an abnormally high number of baby deaths in recent months.

    1. That’s tragic to hear. My sympathy for both your gf’s family and everyone who lost children. It’s definitely a bioweapon. Activists were reporting strange smells in the air before the most recent outbreak.

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