SSU-047 – Chemtrails 101 – Kentfield presentation

What are chemtrails and why are they a problem? In my post Earth Day presentation at the College of Marin April 24, 2018, I prove what is happening, what is proposed and why it’s killing people.

I show how aluminum causes Alzheimer’s, that observations of spraying matches a corresponding increase in the Alzheimer’s death toll and how we all have legal standing to stop the spraying.

This presentation could not have happened without the essential research on aluminum toxicity by Professor Chris Exley. Since he’s uncovering inconvenient truths about the deadliness of aluminum, all traditional funding has dried up – not a penny from governments, industry, grants or foundations. He is relying on private donations – from you and I – to continue his work. You can help him out by donating at this link.


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