Magnetite nanoparticles in human brains

Geoengineer David Keith proposed spraying us with highly toxic 0.5μm magnetite nanoparticles – and now they are showing up in massive quantities in human brains, according to British researchers.

In his 2010 paper “Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering,” David Keith proposed spraying us with 0.5μm magnetite nanoparticles, along with aluminum, barium and titanium – all of which are showing up in rainwater samples worldwide.

He proposed spraying discs of toxic nanoparticulate metals into the stratosphere:

“A single ∼0.5 μm magnetite nanoparticle adhering to the disk would provide sufficient torque.”


Here’s a diagram of the disc:


In “Magnetite pollution nanoparticles in the human brain” Barbara Maher et al found a massive amount of magnetite nanoparticles in human brains, but blamed it on brake pads:

We identify the abundant presence in the human brain of magnetite nanoparticles that match precisely the high-temperature magnetite nanospheres, formed by combustion and/or friction-derived heating, which are prolific in urban, airborne particulate matter (PM). Because many of the airborne magnetite pollution particles are <200 nm in diameter, they can enter the brain directly through the olfactory nerve and by crossing the damaged olfactory unit. This discovery is important because nanoscale magnetite can respond to external magnetic fields, and is toxic to the brain, being implicated in production of damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS). Because enhanced ROS production is causally linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, exposure to such airborne PM-derived magnetite nanoparticles might need to be examined as a possible hazard to human health.

Here’s a video of Professor Maher explaining her findings:

And here’s a video of David Keith avoiding questions about the heath effects of his proposals:

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  1. Interesting that nano-particle crystals found in brains, but it will take a lot of hard evidence to shift David Keith’s research out of nanoland!!!

  2. These people are psychopaths. I find relief in the knowing that darkness is the shadow of light which means light will prevail and the shadow will dissipate in a blink of an eye as soon as we turn on the light. Their house or cards will expire very soon more and more people are awakening and they will pay.

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