An air traffic controller told a Southwest pilot he had “a chemtrail off (his) left wing” last week – and it was recorded for posterity.

40 seconds after Southwest 1256 took off from Portland International at 6:18pm, September 21st, 2016, an air traffic controller in the tower radioed the pilot to say:

“I don’t know if it’s normal I just haven’t seen it that low; it appears like a chemtrail-type situation off your left wing.”

When the pilot asked her to repeat it, she said:

“it looks like a chemtrail off your left wing, I just have not seen it that low before, but it does look similar to a…”

Her transmission is cut off before she can finish her sentence. When you hear her again 10 seconds later, she alters her phrasing to say “Alright, a contrail off your left wing.” The pilot does not appear surprised or concerned.

Fortunately, the audio was archived at To download it for yourself, select September 22nd 2016 (UTC), select the KPDX Ground/Tower and 0100-0130 for the time and click submit. You should then be able to download the file “KPDX-Twr-Sep-22-2016-0100Z.mp3”

Published under Fair Use, here’s the relevant clip, 18 minutes and 40 seconds into the file.

Here’s a link to the Flightaware status page for Southwest 1256 and its flight track log. This is a link to the Reddit thread where I found out about it – now deleted – and the submitter – also deleted. This is a link to the Salem atmospheric soundings for 9-22-16, 00Z UTC and the NASA satellite views for Portland on 9-21-16 PDT; Terra, Suomi & Aqua.

Here’s footage of another plane spraying from its left wing, filmed by Mark Menard:


TOWER: Southwest 1256, I don’t know if it’s normal I just haven’t seen it that low; it appears like a chemtrail-type situation off your left wing.

PILOT: Say again Southwest 1256?

TOWER: Southwest 1256, it looks like a chemtrail off your left wing, I just have not seen it that low before, but it does look similar to a… (transmission cuts out)

PILOT: Ah, OK, thanks.

TOWER: Alright, a contrail off your left wing

PILOT: OK, thank you.


  • Contrary to government agency propaganda the term “chemtrail” is a contraction of “chemical trail” frequently used in aviation, weather and NASA informal parlance to define a non-water vapor emission from an aircraft engine or rocket. For this reason, the term “chemtrail” should remain in common technical use among civilian observers.

    Efforts by some to replace “chemtrails” with “geoengineering” is an irrational attempt to censor a useful and popular description and replace it with a nebulous process that may or may not contain references to aircraft emissions. For example, the dredging of the Panama canal can be referred to as a “geoengineering” project even if jet aircraft did not exist at the time.

    See more discussion:

  • OPINION: The pilot heard and understood the first transmission but asked her to repeat the transmission in order to pretend he had never heard the word “chemtrail”. This gave time for ATC supervisor to pounce on errant controller to clean up her language. After the word “contrail” was used, the pilot suddenly sounded as if he acknowledged the full content of the message. Why?. The consequences of a “contrail” require no action because there is no allusion to engine malfunction.

    If the pilot had accepted the word “chemtrail”, the consequences to passenger safety would have required emergency landing at an alternate airport to investigate the source of the “chemtrail”, now presumed to be a fuel, oil or hydraulic oil leak.

  • In the avionics field, a tower controller will commonly refere to “traffic or anomalies” as something “off your left wing”- meaning, starboard side. It may not literally mean from the very wing; Rather, a low chemtrail may have been spotted by the tower “off the left or starboard side of aircraft’s path.
    The verbal pause and then subsequent correction speaks volumes to what were up against. Amazing Patrick! Nice work sir.

  • Pilots do know Abington this and although they are
    Not allowed to talk Abington it within their profession, I know of one pilot who does talk to his friends a the time about this and who is running the programmes. Thing is, the geo engineering is done through software. He said it is done at the atonal security council whitehouse.

    • And why isn’t your friend or yourself helping to expose as much information and knowledge of Chemtrails? By you nit speaking up, IMO, you’re not better than the people running the program or the pilots that are spraying and destroying this planets life!

    • Mick West – it was probably not a wingtank “fuel leak” as it then hade required an emergency landing to repair the plane, and such faileure on the 737 is not at all “common”. I think you instead meant “fuel dumb” and there can be such but those there are not very common as well.

      BTW there are no such things or even termology as “wenting extra fuel when it expands from warming” as “extra fuel” is not even placed in a seperate tank who can be seperate “leaked” or “vented”. Instead the termology “extra fuel” is the 3-5% of extended fuel carried within the total fuel amount for use only if a long holding pattern is requared before landing where the “normal fuel” is runned out or likwise; if one have to do a long detour around bad weather system where more fuel then calculaded is needed to get the plane to its destination.

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