Propaganda & Alzheimer’s

This children’s book filled with egregious chemtrail propaganda was given to me by someone who works with Alzheimer’s sufferers. She bought “Amazing Airplanes” for one of her patients whose career as an engineer (and ability to speak) was cut short by the brain destroying disease which is caused by neurotoxic aluminum, a major constituent of the chemtrails spread so liberally throughout the book.

His disease is so advanced, he cannot read, speak, recognise immediate family members, let alone remember he was once an engineer. He didn’t like this book, instead preferring a picture book of baby animals on a farm.

This revolting propaganda, directed at the youngest of us, was published in 2002 with the help of the British Airways Community Learning Center.

You can get a copy of this travesty on Amazon, where you can also leave a review.

Everyone involved in its production should be ashamed.

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