Rainwater collected in Chiloquin, OR, tested positive for all four metals proposed to be sprayed by geoengineer David Keith – aluminum (84μg), barium (6.3μg), titanium (3.7μg) and iron (57μg). This follows news that human brains are saturated with nano-magnetite, also proposed to be sprayed by Dr. Keith.

In his 2010 paper, “Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering,” Keith proposes spraying us with engineered nano-discs made of aluminum, barium, titanium and iron – all four metals were present in the rain sample collected 10-13-16. Here’s a pdf of the full report.

Dr. Keith (@DKeithClimate)has yet to respond to multiple tweets about the magnetite study.

Here’s a diagram of Dr. Keith’s toxic nano-discs:



And here he is avoiding questions of aluminum toxicity:


    • if you go to flightradar24.com, you can probably ID them and see where they’re flying from, too, and their flight pattern.

      How much does an analysis like this cost and is there some particular type of place that you need to take it to get it done?

      • Oh, I checked many of them on the excellent FlightRadar24 iPhone app – but a lot of them didn’t show up. This is typical on heavy spray days. As for analysis, I use McCampbell Analytical (McCampbell.com) who charge $17 for the first metal and $12 each for each subsequent one. It adds up.

        • Thanks. I was having trouble IDing trails with flighradar24.com and then I learned that the trails were a LOT further away than I thought and I wasn’t looking that far to ID them. They can easily be 50 miles away and I was only looking to see what was maybe 20 miles away.

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