Aluminum, barium, titanium, iron & sulfur (1,300μg/L) found in San Francisco rain

San Francisco rain tested positive for five elements proposed to be sprayed on us by geoengineer David Keith – with sulfur clocking in at a massive 1,300μg/L.

A rain sample collected April 11, 2018 in San Francisco tested positive for aluminum at 38μg/L, barium at 9μg/L, iron at 52μg/L, titanium at 3.6μg/L and sulfur at 1,300μg/L.

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Here’s a pdf of the full report, conducted by NELAP-certified lab, McCambell Analytical.

The sample was taken at the end of an extremely heavy spray day. Here’s a video report from a few hours before the rain fell:

And here’s a timelapse of the day:

And finally, here’s the NASA satellite image from the day:

NASA Worldview Aqua satellite view of the San Francisco Bay Area April 11, 2018.

7 Replies to “Aluminum, barium, titanium, iron & sulfur (1,300μg/L) found in San Francisco rain”

  1. This is bullshit!!! They just destroy everything don’t they!! Leave the fucking weather alone! Where I live it’s been consecutively cloudy every single day.. soon enough there will be chaos, considering human beings need sunlight and warmth to stay happy and functionable. I think they should leave nature alone and stop ruining the majorities lives for the sake of minorities power tripping…

  2. How do we find out who is spraying us? I’m in North Carolina (Winston-Salem).
    I was working a booth at our Earth Day Fair , beautiful sunny day…saw them spraying in all directions. Now we’re overcast and the pattern is usually followed with 2 days of rain.
    I would like to know what I can do…

  3. Why in the hell are Bill Gates And anyone else for that matter trying to destroy this planet! What the hell is wrong with ppl are they insane? Do they not understand that they have families that live on this planet. And are they to stupid to realize that they themselves live here also and that their bodies are not protected from the chemicals that they are polluting the world with. For these ppl to think that they are intelligent they are so damn dumb! And if this crap doesn’t stop they will destroy this planet for their own families as well . Wake up ppl we have got to stop these mad men.

  4. I also wanted to say that I gave seen those crisscross patterns in the sky’s and I watched a YouTube video of a young man talking about all of this , that is where I found this site from and he spoke about them blocking out the sun in 2017, well guess what that happened remember ppl the sun was blocked out for a few minutes and you weren’t suppose to look directly at it or it would burn your corneas . Remember that ppl? And I just wanted to call out Bill Gates ! And ask him who does he think he is! So you think because you have all this money it’s ok for you to destroy the world? For crying out loud take your pathetic family on a lifetime vacation instead of killing the damn planet that they live on you stupid ignorant asshole! I wish I would see you somewhere Bill Gates! I would love to chat with you and ask you what the hell is wrong with your demented mind!

  5. Also I want to know those ppl flying these planes spraying these chemicals, are these commercial planes or are they all military? And why would so many ppl be willing to do this?

  6. These physcopaths think fake global warming is harming the planet when in reality it’s these mad men Bill Gates and David Keith and a handful of others!ppl need to wake up and know that thus planet is under attack in way more many ways than they can comprehend. But this is so going to destroy animals plants our water this is sick and unnatural behaviors to our planet that these nutcaseses are trying alter, they are trying to play God! And they will never ever even compare to him ever! Gods comming back soon and it’s because of sick ppl like Bill Gates And this David Keith trying to be him. He will not stand for these humans in harming what he has created much longer , he’s about tired of everybody he’s got to be!

  7. Get it stopped I’m tired of waking up with blue sky and then they come and make it overcast I get enough of that with the fog.

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